A Personal Peek at Some of Gusty Blue's Clothing

A Personal Peek at Some of Gusty Blue's Clothing

Welcome to Gusty Blue! Since my goal is to be an online shopping resource that you can trust, I thought I'd give you a sneak peek into the array of items I've personally ordered from my vendors.  Most of the items  have arrived as I expected,  except for two. One item didn't resemble the product picture but it DID resemble the product picture in another color. I'm not sure if that was a fluke, or if it might happen again. But I hated the top and removed it from the store. Another dress made me look like a fat church lady so I definitely removed that one from the store.
Let me know if you are pleased, or not pleased with your products. I would LOVE it if you would tag Gusty Blue on Facebook or Instagram with you wearing the products you love!
I get very excited when I see the bright pink envelope in my mailbox! I know my new clothes have arrived! Read below to see what the products are like. Click on the headings to see them in the store!

1. Spliced Lace Buttoned Blouse 


When you open your envelope, your clothing most likely will arrive wrinkled. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out how to solve this problem yet. Besides that, the blouse looks just like the product image. I LOVE the lace on the back. I ordered a larger size than I normally wear and probably would like my normal size better.

2. Cable Knit Side-Slit Sweater Vest

I love this sweater. The fabric is soft and lightweight. The slits were a little higher than a 50+ woman like I am can normally wear, but that's okay! That's what camis are for! 

3. Tie Back V-Neck Ruffled Blouse

I LOVE this blouse! It arrives VERY wrinkled but is beautiful once you iron it. I've already worn this one multiple times. The fabric feels like lightweight linen but it doesn't wrinkle like linen.

4. Spliced Lace Deep V Tie Hem Tank

I tried to venture out of my comfort zone and order a little color with this blouse. LOL... I love the fabric of this blouse. It feels like a very soft cotton. I ordered a larger size than normal and I think I should have gone with my normal size.

5.  MMShoes Work For It Matte Lug Sole Chelsea Boots in Black

I love these boots! I ordered my normal size and they fit with a little toe room to spare for socks. If your foot is extremely wide, it's possible they may be a little tight but they do stretch. They seem very comfortable so far (but I haven't worked all day standing in them yet.)

6. Kancan Full Size Melanie Crop Wide Leg Jeans

These jeans are extremely comfortable. Once again, I bought a size larger than normal and probably would have done better with my normal size. But they are so comfortable, I don't care! I think we only have larger sizes left of this particular jean.

7. V Neck Wrap Front Knitted Top

This sweater fits pretty much as depicted in the picture except I think it's a little shorter on me. It looks very short in my picture but it wraps and drapes down below your hips. The fabric is lightweight but is slightly synthetic feeling. 

8. Scoop Neck Lace Cap Sleeve Tank

This top fits almost exactly like the picture. I am not particularly enamored with the shininess of the fabric,  but I feel like it is one commonly used. The ruffled sleeves aren't a favorite of mine either as I have broad shoulders, but overall I think it is pretty cute and have already worn it.

9. Front-line Flared Leg Design Solid Pants

I have to say that I really don't like the fabric of these pants. It reminds me of 1970's disco fabric. But...they are lightweight and fit me so well that I actually love them. I bought these in a larger size than normal and glad that I did. They do stretch quite a bit so the smaller size might have fit as well. They fit me well length-wise and I have a 34" inseam so if your legs are normal to shorter in length, you would need heels with these.

 10. Girls Printed Ruffled Dress

In case you didn't know, we carry kids clothes as well. We don't have a large inventory yet, but hopefully it will grow! I ordered these for my grandchildren. They haven't tried them on yet but they are adorable and look just like the product image.

11. Kids Striped Cutout Sleeveless Jumpsuit

I ordered these for my grandchildren as well. They are so cute! Hope they fit!

I hope this sampling of Gusty Blue's inventory has been insightful for you. As you can see, my wardrobe doesn't venture far from black. But Gusty Blue is full of colorful items that I am sure you will love! 

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